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Welcome to the 30-Day Spring Cleanse!

We are going to take the next 30 days to experience together the Essential Oil 30-Day Spring Cleanse. It is recommended that you go through a cleanse once or twice per year to help clean out the body and maintain great health.

As we get started, you’ll want to know about the three phases of this Cleanse, so let’s hit that first:


Over the next 30 days, we will ACTIVATE the body with the Detoxification Blend and Complex. We will then RESET the body with the GI Cleansing Formula. Finally, we will RENEW the body with the Probiotic Defense Formula.

Be sure to answer the Question of the Day (located on the image for each daily post), and ask questions of your own, as we experience this tremendous cleanse program together!


• 5 capsules Digestive Enzyme Complex (1 capsule on an empty stomach in the morning and night; 1 capsule with each meal)

• 2 capsules Detoxification Complex (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening with food)

• 2 softgels Detoxification Blend (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening with food)

• 5 servings Lemon Essential Oil in water (1–2 drops in 8oz. water, 5 times a day)

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